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Small Hydropower (SHP) offers a sustainable and affordable source of electricity. It converts waterpower into electricity at up to 70% efficiency rate. This is among the most efficient converter of electrical energy from the raw source. Hydropower generation can also be switched on or off faster than any other source and afford ideal compliment with other renewable resources such as solar, biomass, biogass, municipal waste, wind and geothermal. high quality paper

Clean and Renewable SHP Is Protecting Our Environment

SHP has minimal environmental impact. The structures are small and has limited footprint . These schemes are run-of-river basis which implies that no water storage or ponding and such power generated fluctuate as with the available river flow. This concept requires low diversion weir and the environmental impact is less significant.

Support Local Economy

Small Hydropower Is Supporting the Local Economy

There will be potential for local economic activities in form of employment and sourcing of construction material.
The source of fiscal revenue to the states via water rights through the utilization of water to generate electricity. Other than that, this will benefit in terms of better optimization and utilization of existing natural resources, that otherwise would go wasted.